the rich planet About the Author

Amzi is 12 years old.HIS birthday is June 13 2000.Amzi's favrit books are books sarten cined of books. Amzi favrit spesol is library.Amzi's favit food is any cind of food exsept for limabeans,bronwbeans and blakbeans.My dreem car is a misubisy.My mom is named joann is 34 i think.My step dad is named joel he is 34 my real dad is namd bengaman he is 37 or 36.I have 4 boys in my famaly incloding me so that maks 5 boys in my famaly and only 1 sister.My big brother is named benjaman for short bj he likes to be caled ben he's 14 josiah barthday is september 23 2004 or 2003 or 2002 or 2005 or 2006 he's 8 eloise is 5 her brthday is jannarary 11 2007 or 2005 joseph is 2 his barthday is jaly 2010.